Watercolor class 6

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Watercolor class 6I just got back from my sixth watercolor workshop session. I missed last week’s workshop because of our mini vacation, and we’ll have one more in July.

Today Nita Leland talked about various techniques that can be used to achieve special effects. Things like sprinkling an area with salt, or covering it with plastic wrap, or using a resist. Many of the techniques she described are also used on fabric, which I thought was interesting. She invited us to use her supplies to experiment, but I passed it up because I am still focused on doing portraits. I’m not sure what I’m trying to learn, but I brought a fun picture of my son-in-law and I wanted to paint it. This particular photo was taken during last year’s VBS, which was a pirate/nautical theme. My SIL was in charge of the games for the kids, so he was dressed appropriately, other than the mirrored sunglasses.

I’ve been having fun working with watercolor. I can’t actually say I’ve learned that much about how to control them, though. I keep going back into areas too soon, or the colors are too dark or too light once I put them on paper. Since I’m in “use it up” mode this year, I suppose I should at least use up my paint and paper before I give up completely. Maybe I should just paint big areas of juicy colors that make me smile 🙂

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  1. Belinda

    Very fun memories you are capturing! We had a Captain Jack at our VBS last summer too and just finished with Pandamania and Panda Pete on Friday. I think your pirate makes a better portrait an the panda suit. Belinda

  2. Shawna

    I think what you will find helpful…and I am sure your teacher would NOT like this suggestion…get yourself a hair dryer. Make sure you dry for three or four minutes each time you complete an area. This allows you to work faster and you will have less of a challenge with things still being damp.

    Btw…great painting of you sil!

    • Maria

      Great idea. I remember her pointing out electrical outlets in the first class if we wanted to use a hair dryer. Maybe I’ll need to try it. I’m not quite grasping the multiple layer concept! She was telling me about underpainting the shadows first (my interpretation of what I think she was saying.) Guess I’ll have to try that too.

      Gave the painting to DH#2 and SIL last night. DH#2 loved it!

  3. Shawna

    I don’t know if you have heard of Penny Soto. She has a book out that you might find helpful and she had a vhs out with Creative Catalysis a while ago. I have it on dvd if you can’t find it. She does this underpainting idea and it is a great video to see.

    • Maria

      Thanks, Shawna. I went online and reserved the book at my library. They didn’t have the DVD, though, but I’m eager to see the book.