Big rotary cutting mat

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Rotary cutting matI earned some unexpected money (Thanks for the suggestion, Ed!) so I celebrated by finally buying myself a really big rotary cutting mat. It is 36″ by 60″ and it pretty much covers all of the usable area on my work table. Before, I had two 24″ by 36″ mats side by side and they were continually shifting and leaving a gap between them. One of them is nearly 20 years old and in very bad shape, so it definitely was time to replace them. I’m looking forward to using this new mat. Doesn’t it look nice with my rulers hanging within easy reach? And my rotary cutters are in that top drawer just underneath the table top. Everything is right where it should be. That makes me smile!

Originally, I bought one this size from Joann’s online, but I had to return it because the grid was printed so skewed that some of the printing actually went off the edge. Because the lines were not parallel to the edge, I wasn’t able to use my O’Lipfa rulers unless I completely ignored the lines on the mat. Since I waited more than ten years to buy this big mat, I knew I’d never be happy with that, so back it went.

Then I spent some time searching for a different mat online. I knew I wanted a white one. A colored background would be too distracting for me. As I searched, I found this one at and it was on sale! In my excitement, I failed to notice that the lines are printed in either purple or red. I ended up with red. Isn’t it silly that the color of the lines would end up being a disappointment to me? Red is not a “Maria-approved” color 🙂 This is a sure sign that I really am a brat! I’m pouting because my long-awaited, brand new, beautiful, high quality rotary cutting mat has red on it. I really need to get over it. I feel like Anne of Green Gables who lamented she could never be truly happy because her hair was red. But, if you live locally and want to buy it off my hands, I might just be willing to pay the few extra dollars and get one printed in blue. Heavy sigh…I’m so pathetic!

Did you notice that my work area is nearly cleaned up? It’s just about time to get my head in gear and get back to creating.

3 Responses

  1. eileen

    totally impressive…i’d love something that size but have no place upon which to put it. cool you’ve got such a great area and hopefully someone will come along who does want red!! i can relate…i want what i want

  2. corina

    You have a wonderful cutting table! I would love to have one that size. I would probably be pouting too about the mat though. I can get over little disappointments with most things, but my sewing room is my sanctuary and I want it the way I want it!

    • Maria

      I love my work table. My sweet hubby rescued it out of the trash! On the other end he cut a hole and built a shelf underneath so my sewing machine can drop down and be flush with the table top. Great table!