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Quilting Arts TV Series 800 DVDI got my complementary copy of the Quilting Arts TV Series 800 DVD in the mail. Watch for me on Episode 810! You can check online to see if Quilting Arts TV is on your local PBS station, or you can purchase your own copy of Series 800 from Interweave.

My segment was just a short explanation of color theory. It’s amazing how fast time flies when they’re filming, and Pokey is asking questions, and I’m just trying to remember the important stuff! I brought way more stuff than we ever had time to look at, but a more in-depth article will be in an upcoming issue of Quilting Arts magazine.

Here’s a little window valance that I made, which won’t be shown in the article:
Window valance

This is my form of visual notetaking. Like the quilt shown on the TV show, each stem of flower illustrates a different color scheme so if I’m getting in a rut, I can glance at it to remind myself of other possibilities.

As you’re watching the series, you’ll notice that some of the segments are filmed in a studio and some of them are filmed at the IQA show in Cincinnati. If you watch those segments closely, you might Sheer Whim and some of my silhouette quilts in the background!

Filming for Quilting Arts TV

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    • Maria

      I like using Tsukineko all-purpose ink best. Sometimes I mix it with a thickener, sometimes I use it straight. You have to remember, however, that it is transparent. That’s great if you’re printing on a commercially printed fabric and you want the print to show through. However, if you want something opaque, Jacquard textile paints are great. And if you want something shiny, Jacquards Lumiere paints are really nice.

  1. Lisa

    Oh and great work on the show and the magazine. I always enjoy seeing your pieces and hearing about your methods.