Bernina Main Street Workshop

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Bernina Main Street workshopWe had another great “Making Faces” workshop today, organized by Lisa of Bernina Main Street. There was lots of cheerful chatting and laughter, so I think everyone had fun.

We had a very large class — 23 in all! I was SO thankful for DD#2. She’s a natural people-person, friendly, helpful, plus she has an art minor, so she was a terrific help and can really give some great advice. Because the class was so large, I spent a lot of time talking and mingling. A lot of people also wanted to see some of my own quilts, so the last 15 minutes or so, I used my projector to display a quick slide show of my work.

In all the busyness, though, I forgot to take pictures! If you were in the class, PLEASE email me pictures of your finished projects! I really would love to see them and include them here.

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  1. Georgia

    Thanks so much for the class. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much. I would love more classes. I hope you set Houston on it’s toes!!


  2. Brenda

    Thanks for a fun class and for sharing your rare talent. I’m getting further with my piece, but had to stop and go to the fair. I’ll send you a pic when it is done. I was wondering if it would turn out for a while, but after I applied the third layer (after I was home) it started making sense! Yea!

  3. sonia

    Maria, my trip to Dayton was most rewarding. I am euphoric knowing that I could do this and thanks a lot for teaching me how to do this. I have been following you through Quilting Arts magazine and when Bernina in Dayton announced you are going to have this class… I signed up right away. Thanks to Lisa as well.

    • Maria

      So glad you were part of this class! Be sure to watch the August 28 blog because I’ll be showing your portrait 🙂

  4. Lisa H.

    The Making Faces class was wonderful! I finally learned the tricks to making a portrait look real and recognizable. I am so excited to try another and my family is already suggesting ideas on who the next model should be. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and artistic ability!

  5. Connie

    Hi Maria,
    I enjoyed your class very much ! When I get my picture completed I will send you a copy. Thanks again for showing us all how to do this !