Bethany Bits complete!

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Bethany Bits by Maria Elkins“Bethany Bits” is complete. Or, should it be called “Bits of Bethany”? Or maybe something else? I haven’t really decided. What do you think? Maybe I’ll show it to DD#2 and ask her, too 🙂

Since this was really a spur-of-the-moment mini quilt (only 24″ square), I ended up using bits and pieces of things on hand. Of course, I started by using the fabric scraps left over from my 2006 journal quilts.

I also decided to use up some fusible batting that I had on hand. I had previously used this on a small journal quilt, but I had a piece left over that was big enough for this piece. While it worked perfectly on this small quilt, I wonder how it would work on something larger. It made the quilt fairly stiff, especially compared to the 100% wool batting I normally use. I wonder how difficult it would be to roll up a large quilt with fusible batting and try to stuff it under the arm of my Janome. But, on the other hand, it was very quick and easy to sandwich this little quilt and it was really nice to not have to fiddle with pins.

Yesterday I did some simple straight line quilting with a walking foot. In very little time I was done and ready to trim and bind it.

Lapel Stick
I also experimented with the binding by using some Lapel Stick to hold it in place instead of pins. Boy, I’m going to have to figure out other ways to use this! I applied it liberally, and it really did hold the binding down securely. I was able to stitch-in-the-ditch from the front and catch in the binding all the way around, and it was straight and even and it looked nice!

Finished binding

I’m of to take a workshop. More on that tomorrow.

5 Responses

    • Maria

      I like that name, too. I think I’ll submit them all to DD#2 and get her opinion 🙂

  1. Lisa

    Awesome looking stuff! What makes this stuff different than just a washable glue stick? I must know because I love using glue sticks for appliques. I will have to check the website.

    • Maria

      I don’t really know how Lapel Stick is different from washable glue sticks. I just know the Lapel Stick held everything in place really well 🙂

  2. Eclectic Quilter

    In reply to Lisa – I was lucky to be one of the original quilting testers of Lapel Stick….I think the difference is that Lapel Stick is not only washable, but is especially designed for use on fabric. It does not stain the fabric, is non-toxic, biodegradable, and, as I am sure Maria appreciated on her project – it does NOT gum up your needle when you sew through it. I use it instead of pins for all sorts of quilting needs, like making those 90-degree joins when piecing binding strips together, layering landscapes or holding embellishments in place till I can tack them down. And, I found out that the original purpose of “Lapel Stick” was to hold down lapels -for instance a rolled-up golf shirt collar, hence the name. It also is a great emergency fix for fallen hems, and I use it every time I wear “that blouse” that I love, but the button placement makes it gape in front…gape no more!