Bethany Bits

Bethany BitsMore procrastination. I’ve been ignoring deadlines, both real and self-imposed. Instead, I’ve been following rabbit trails. While looking for some gelatin prints that I did in college, I came across a stack of fabric from some of my printmaking classes. Some of it was leftovers of the fabrics that were printed to make my 2006 journal quilts (shown below), which I fondly call “Slice-‘N-Dice Daughter.”

2006 Journal Quilts

This fabric has been incubating for five years, so naturally I became obsessed with cutting it up this weekend. It was the perfect excuse to ignore my other responsibilities. The fabric was already cut full of holes from the fused journal quilts, but at the time I couldn’t bear to part with a single scrap. Five years does something to you. Yesterday I cut out as many as 5″ squares and 2-1/2″ squares as I could and I boldly threw away every scrap that was left behind! I ended up with stacks of toes and eyes and other Bethany bits. Today I sewed the blocks and played around with arranging them (that’s the picture at the top of this post). Maybe later this week I’ll have the chance to sew them all together and maybe even quilt it.