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Curtains?My nose is buried in preparations for a “Making Faces” workshop I’ll be teaching next Saturday in Dayton, but still I dutifully prewashed the fabric I bought at Ikea on Wednesday. After it was washed and dried, I tossed in on the couch that sits in front of our living room window.

Light bulb moment!

I stood on the couch and tucked the fabric over the top of the curtain rod.

Hmm… I think I really like this as a curtain…

“Honey, what do you think? Maybe we could run down to Ikea and get more after we finish lunch?”

Sweet DH agreed to do it after a nap 🙂

And so we did. Let’s just say that 12 yards of fabric at $2.99 a yard is a steal! And really for cheap curtains, too. I won’t have to feel like I need to live with them forever. I can always use it for quilt backing after I’m tired of them as curtains.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Will have to try to fit curtain making into my schedule in the very near future. The rest of the day is dedicated to workshop preparations.

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  1. Sharon Driver

    Oh sweet!!!! I LOVED that fabric. But I held steadfast and didn’t buy yard one.

    However….NEXT trip……..

  2. Sandra Millar

    Gad, woman, have you never heard of pins. Just drape nicely to match the soft window treatment you currently have and pin on the back of what’s up there right now. Since they aren’t going to be drawn, you just need to find a way to keep them in place. People don’t look too closely at draperies, they just admire the effect and that’s what you’re going for, right ? No point in sewing seams and putting up another curtain rod. You do have more creative things to do, like keeping up with your blogging. LOL

    • Maria

      I like to tease a friend that the whole world is blue. There’s just more blue and less blue 🙂