Give away: pattern and Debbie Maddy workshop

Debbie MaddyTuesday and Wednesday my guild had Debbie Maddy do two workshops and a trunk show. She brought seven suitcases full of quilts! Wow! I suspect every quilt I’ve ever made could have fit in juast one of those suitcases. Most of her patterns use her method for making diamonds with no “Y” seams. This lets even beginners make striking quilts and they go together quickly.

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to take her Cosmic Jewels workshop. She was very informative, and I loved her Texan accent! I don’t do a lot of piecing, so I enjoyed picking up a few tips from her. She spoke about organizing the fabrics for her pattern and we had class discussion moving them around. She also gave a great tip about using regular fine sandpaper to hold your fabric in place when you need to draw on it. The Cosmic Jewels pattern we were using used half square triangles, so we used a quick method for making those.

Needless to say, I couldn’t just follow instructions and keep it simple. I thought I had a “brilliant” idea. I had lots of 5″ charm squares that I thought I could use. I asked her first, just to make sure it was okay with her, and it was. But, that meant I had to modify the instructions somewhat since her pattern only calls for eight fabrics plus a background. I actually enjoyed the extra challenge and I definitely was happy with the results. I’m making this into a wall hanging for our dining room.

Work in progress

Now for the fun part — my first ever giveaway! I have a brand new Cosmic Jewels pattern to give away!
Cosmic Jewels pattern
I hate jumping through hoops to enter other giveaways, so I’ll make it easy for you. Just leave a comment below, and I’ll do a drawing at the end of this weekend. I’ll announce a winner on Monday morning. If you want to become a follower of this blog, it’s in the left hand column, but that’s not required. If you want to “like” me on Facebook,, that’s optional too. Enjoy!

38 Responses

  1. Debbie Arrington

    Love your blog and website! It’s fun seeing what you’re working on and I love your “blue” rendition of the workshop quilt!

  2. jane

    nice to see you go outside the box maria, always worth it!!!

  3. Sharon Driver

    Love your review of Debby Maddy’s workshop – and the talk was excellent. Turns out several of the ladies on the yahoo group I belong to know her and have used her patterns many times….small world.

  4. Deana Lasher

    I enjoy seeing your projects here. It is great that you are able to individualize a pattern to fit your vision. I am usually a strict follower of patterns, but you inspire me to think beyond the general instructions.

  5. Georgia

    Very striking pattern – Cosmic Jewels. Where was your class with Debbie Maddy? See you on the 27th!!

  6. Mary R

    You have the best eye for color. Thank you for not making us jump hoops.

  7. Luci D.

    I just saw this made up at the LQS and loved it. It’s sweet of you to make entering so easy. Thanks!

  8. maggie

    Read about this on the Quiltart Yahoo list. Nice pattern and i like your color choices.

  9. Lora

    Hmmm-might have left my original comment in the wrong place. Danged smart phones!
    Please enter me in the giveaway.

  10. Kristin McNamara Freeman

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed look at a workshop and process. I truly enjoyed seeing you move to a new level with your blues…a great project is under way there.

  11. Joy V

    Looks like a great way to do ‘star’ quilts. Wish I had known about beofre I started the one I’m doing now – with y seams. Takes soooo long to do.

  12. Debbie

    Nice to hear that your teacher was open to you doing it your way, Maria. Glad it worked out for you and that you are happy with it. I often do the same, but quietly do my own thing without bothering the teacher. If she notices on her own and shows approval, great. Otherwise, the teacher should have no complaints if I’m quiet about it and the rest of the class doesn’t notice. But, it’s nice you asked her first if it’s OK with her!

  13. Mary S Miller

    Nice picture of Debby and her quilt. Love your blog, too.

  14. Susan Parker

    I love what you did with the charms. Your quilt reminds me of a quilt I made for my mother many years ago. I’d love to make the pattern in batiks. Thank you for having the drawing.


  15. Sandy

    It’s always nice when a teacher is open to someone’s else’s vision.

  16. Sandie

    I love to hear that the teacher I most want to take a class with, is still taking classes herself! I never want to get so complacent that I think I have nothing to learn! Thanks for the no hoops giveaway!

  17. Arrah

    Love your blog and can’t wait to see pics of the finished quilt in blue. Sounds like a fun workshop.

  18. Marilyn

    It’s a good pattern and even more interesting with your collection of blues. Good thinking to come up with a great quilt!!

  19. Lee

    What a great quilt! love the blues 🙂 and love the pattern. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  20. pam w

    This is a beautiful pattern, will make up some awesome quilts.

  21. Jeanne

    Beautiful. I hope I win and then I hope you tell me what fabric you used so I can copy, that is awesomely beautiful.

    • Maria

      Jeanne, when the question of what fabric to use comes up, the answer is always blue! (grin)

  22. Helen

    I also have some charm squares – thank you for the idea! Please enter me on your drawing list

  23. Lydia

    Like to know as many techniques for taking the difficulty out of cutting and piecing as I can. If you pick my name for the pattern I would be very happy to receive it.

  24. Sandra Starley

    What a cool pattern, isn’t it nice sometimes to do traditional work. And scrappi-er is almost aways better-er.
    Sandra in Moab, Utah
    from QuiltArt

  25. Hueisei

    Loves the idea you sharing here. Thanks for this opportunity to win!