Making use of available space

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Pencil cupsThree friends and I went on an Ikea adventure today. Our limitation was we had to be in and out in less than two hours. Not as easy as it sounds!

I was looking for the Bygel containers to hook over the edge of the mini wall on my work table, but they were no where to be found. So on to the fun adventure of coming up with a different solution. I considered several different possibilities and finally decided on the Dokument pencil cups.

Hung with "S" hooks
Once I got home, I snipped two holes in the back of each pencil cup, big enough for an “S” hook to slide through. The other end of the “S” hook fit snugly over the top of my mini wall so they stay in place without wobbling.

Perfect solution! White, like everything else in my work area. Mesh sides so I can see what’s inside even when sitting down. Small enough that pens, pencils, rotary cutters, and scissors don’t get lost in the bottom. Big enough to put the spray starch next to my ironing area. Maybe these will help me keep stuff of my rotary cutting mat so it is always ready. Well, I can dream, can’t I?

Extension cord
Did you notice the white plastic “S” hooks in the front? I’m using them to hold the cord of my power strip on the backside of my mini wall. It’s the power strip I use to plug my iron into. The “S” hooks keep the cord off the floor where it would get tangled up with other things, but here’s the extra added bonus: this makes my power strip more “permanent” so there’s less of a chance it might get “borrowed.”

And I got one other great find! Three yards of 59″ wide, blue and white, 100% cotton, Gronska Blom fabric for only $2.99 a yard!
Gronska blom fabric

Isn’t that fun? Now to plan a way to use it!