Over the edge no more

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WorktableI’m loving our new reclining loveseat. So comfy! But with every change for the better, new opportunities for problem-solving are born. The old couch was pushed right up against my work table and it had a high back that went above the table top for a couple inches. As a result, I could push things all the way to the couch without anything falling off. The new recliners have to be placed a few inches away from the table. In just the last few days, I can’t tell you how many things I’ve already pushed over the edge: the powerstrip, extension cords, pencils, fabric. If I’m quilting a larger quilt, it slips over the edge and catches.

I realized I needed a little wall along the far side of my work table. Off to the home improvement store. We wandered the store looking at all of the possibilities, and ended up buying some 1/4″ thick white panel board. We had them cut two 12″ sections. Next we snagged some C-clamps and some plastic edging for paneling.

Once we were home, we (LOL! By “we” I mean “he” — thanks DH!) glued the two pieces of panel board together so both sides are white. The edging went along the top for purely cosmetic reasons.

In a couple minutes we had the paneling clamped to my work table and my mini wall was in place.

Finshed "wall"

Bygel containersI think now a trip to Ikea is in order. A few Bygel containers would be great hanging from my mini wall so I can keep rotary cutters and pens and other small items handy. Any excuse to go to Ikea 🙂

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  1. Lisa

    Nice work! I wish I were more handy like this. I want to build a piece to go over my folding table that will make the table bigger and a hard flat surface. The folding table slopes a bit and it’s not fun having a concave cutting board.

    • Maria

      LOL! My current ironing board is an old metal thing with a dent (low spot) in the middle. Some day, hopefully not too long from now, I’m going to do a make over on it. Maybe something like a Big Board would work for your situation, too, but with a cutting mat on top instead.