Bloggers’ Quilt Festival

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Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side is hosting another Bloggers’ Quilt Festival. If you’re coming from that site, welcome!

I’d like to share “Windblown” with you, especially if you’re new to my site. This is the quilt which I entered into the International Quilt Festival in Houston. I am thrilled to say that I was notified that it won one of the top eight awards for that show! I can’t wait to see which one it will be!!!

You can find out more about this quilt by following the Windblown category.

17 Responses

  1. Lori

    Maria – This is beautiful! I can’t wait to see it next weekend in Houston!!

  2. Lynette

    Perfect choice for the Festival!!!! This still enchants me as much as when you were working on it. Absolutely, astonishingly amazing.

  3. Ethne

    This is one STUNNING quilt – I found it a few weeks ago via Pintrest and was absolutely gob smacked by the quilting – you have done a fantastic work on this piece and each time I look at it I find something new that I hadn’t seen before – thank you for sharing it with all on BQF, this is a quilt that needs to be shared as inspiration with quilters around the world

  4. Queenie

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Congratulations on the award, that is great!
    Have a wonderful day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. Edit Takacs

    Greetings from Hungary! I really like your Quilted. I love the color. The stapling is very nice. A very interesting pattern.

  6. felicity

    What a stunningly beautiful quilt. Congratulations on your prize (well-deserved!!) and thanks for sharing!

  7. Ann Wight

    Wow!! This is fabulous! I really love the designs in the background section. Can’t quilt looking at it…..lovely!!

  8. grapes and hearts

    Wow, I found your quilt at Blogger’s Quilt Festival and am deeply impressed by your skills. I finished my 4th quilt today and consider myself a beginner in sewing amd quilting. I never saw a quilt like yours. Stunning. Impressing. Wow.

  9. eileen

    as usual, i am totally flabergasted and thrilled by seeing the beautiful things you make! i love sharing with family and friends . thanks for sharing and have a great day