Color workshop for ECQG

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Our last hearty breakfast – after this we’re back to making our own — oh, no! Then a short trip to a nearby church for the hands-on color workshop for East Cobb Quilters’ Guild.

This class was smaller, maybe 10 or 12 quilters, which meant there was lots of opportunity for discussion and questions. I started by explaining basic color theory using a series of 24″ square quilts that I’ve created. Many are fused, one-day color studies which I made to illustrate specific points or certain attributes. I love showing ways color can change based on what is surrounding it. There’s always that sense of surprise and wonder that fills the group. I also like showing the same quilt done in different versions of the same color scheme. For instance, I have an appliqu├ęd leaf design done in bright yellow-orange, yellow, and yellow-green, and then the same leaf design done in muted versions of the same colors. Each of the designs is repeated on white, gray, and black backgrounds. This allowed us to discuss the effect of the backgrounds on the pure colors versus muted colors.

Once we finished talking about color wheels and color schemes, it was time for everyone to get some hands-on experience. Each person had brought in a selection of fabrics. We put them all together so there were lots of possible choices. Each person spent time sifting through the colors so they could create their own fabric color wheel. Once that was accomplished, we also picked out colors to represent the various color schemes.

Near the end of the workshop we looked at several quilts which people brought in, and we talked out how the color was used in each one. That was a really interesting exercise and sometimes even the quiltmaker learned things about her own quilt which she hadn’t realized before.

Look at this fabulous quilt top designed by Pam Cornutt!

Pam Cornutt's quilt top
She designed it in a class with Jinny Beyer and she has been working on it for a year. Pam did a terrific job using color values. I love how she used this design to create a color wheel! Thank you so much for bringing it in, Pam!

Around 4 o’clock or so, we had everything packed up and my sweet hubby and I hit the road. Even though it was a long drive, we wanted to make it home for church tomorrow. The other advantage is that traffic is pretty light Saturday evening. It made for near-perfect driving conditions so we arrived home by 11:30 PM. Traveling is nice, but I still love my own bed best.