Retreat and refresh

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We just got back from three days at this idyllic conference center in Hartford City, Indiana. My husband and I, along with four others from our church, went to the Midwest Calvary Chapel Pastors’ Conference where we were blessed with beautiful landscapes, great teaching, and wonderful fellowship. This time was especially refreshing for me after last week. I spent most of those seven days preparing for five upcoming workshops.

Have you ever wondered what a quilt teacher does to prepare before she comes to your quilt guild to teach a workshop? For my fused applique portrait workshop, I spend quite a bit of time preparing a unique photograph for each student, which they supply to me in advance. So, if there are twenty students, that means I have twenty photographs to prepare. This way everyone is ready to learn the technique as soon as the workshop begins. I also make photocopies of instructions, other handouts, and supplies, and I collate them into individual packets.

In addition to the custom kits, I also have make sure I have extra kits for any last minute sign ups. Then I have to gather all my own supplies, checking to make sure I don’t forget something, and pack them up so they can be transported easliy. Multiply that by five upcoming workshops, not to mention the two article I’m writing, and, as you might imagine, I’ve been pretty busy. This was a perfect time to refresh, regroup, and get ready to run. It all starts tomorrow!

These sweet young women are a vital part of my support network. What a blessing!