Product Review: Baggallini

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I don’t think I’ve mentioned how much I’m loving my iPad birthday present. My sweet hubby did good! The only question was how to carry it when I travel. I generally don’t carry a purse. If I can’t fit it in the pocket of my jeans, either I don’t need it or I ask sweet hubby to carry it. But sadly, sweet hubby isn’t always with me everywhere I go. Plus, when I travel, I need to carry my camera, cell phone, chargers, etc. I figured I better break down and buy a travel purse.

I haven’t carried a purse in years. I started researching the possibilities on I wanted it as small as possible, but able to fit an iPad. There were so many choices until I stumbled across a blue Baggallini. I immediately loved the multiple zippered pockets and the slim size. It made a perfect birthday present to myself 🙂 I love the fact that each item can have its own little home. When everything is tucked away, it is only 11″ by 11″ by 3″ thick. Amazing, and so convenient. I can easily pull out my iPad for a few minutes and slip it back in just as easily. I also like the fact that the adjustable strap is really long, so I can wear it like a messenger bag if I need my hands free. I imagine that feature will be perfect when shopping at quilt shows.

Back to my iPad — sweet hubby likes it too. He likes using it to play Angry Birds when we travel. Plus, he loves my Glo Bible app – it’s really well designed and has so much information on it. I liked the free version so much that I upgraded. I’ve enjoyed using Glo during our Bible studies. I downloaded a concordance, too, so it’s super easy to look up specific words whenever we like. Now he wants an iPad! I think I’ll give him mine when I upgrade 😉

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  1. Brenda

    I just got an iPad 2 also! (Won it in September!) I am always interested in hearing what apps people like. If you have any more to share, I’m all ears. I like Dragon (free). You can speak to it, and it will type what you are speaking. Really amazing! (You can purchase for your PC for 199.00, but free to iPad!) Tell your husband to try Early Bird (game) too (that is if you don’t mind him ‘borrowing’ your iPad a little more. 🙂

    • Maria

      The app I’ve used most is Keynote. Great to use for PowerPoint presentations. Haven’t used many others, sorry to say (other than Moonlight Lite mah jong). Just been too busy since I received it. I’m hoping to spend some quality time getting to know it before the end of the year.
      Sadly, after typing on something in Notes for a couple hours during a car ride, I did learn that something accidentally deleted can’t be recovered. All I was trying to do is delete a single word. Still can’t figure out how it happened. I heard Evernote is better to use.