Our Colorado adventure – Grand Junction Trunk Shows

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Grand Junction mountains
I wanted to share a bit about our Colorado adventure. Sweet hubby and I chose to drive from Ohio to Colorado so we could enjoy some quality time together and see some beautiful landscapes. This also meant I didn’t have to be as careful with my packing — I could bring just about anything I wanted!

We drove pretty hard the first day and ended up in Kansas where we spent our first night with our friends, Larry and Susan. She had delicious Cashew Chicken, rice, and fresh fruit salad waiting for us. What a treat! We enjoyed our evening catching up and then melted into the softest bed I could imagine. We were up again early the next morning. Susan made me a carmel cappuccino and fed us blueberry corn muffins with vanilla butter — yum — and we were back on the road.

The weather great pretty much the whole trip. We had a little snow on the plains of Kansas, but the roads in Colorado were dry. It was fun watching the scenery change. All of the wide open, flat land was a new experience for us. Traffic was light and the roads were straight and flat, making travel truly enjoyable. We arrive in Denver around 3 pm and began our trip through the Rockies. I had no idea that it would take more than 3 hours to drive to the other side! The scenery was amazing. I kept taking pictures through the car window even though I knew they probably wouldn’t be very good. I couldn’t help myself! We got to Grand Junction around dinner time, and then continued to the hotel. Sweet hubby relaxed in the hot tub. He deserved it after that long drive!

Sunset Slope Quilters
Wednesday morning I spoke to the Sunset Slope Quilters. I enjoyed having the opportunity to show them my earliest quilts and describe how I continually battle a fear of failure. One strategy I use to overcome it is to continually experiment, both with techniques and with mediums. The picture above was taken during show-and-tell time. After each quilter showed her quilt, she then placed it on the back chairs so everyone could come up afterwards and see them up close.

After the guild meeting they brought us to a restaurant that had the most amazing view of the mountains that surround the city. (That’s the picture at the top of this post.) Then back to the hotel for a quick nap.

Colorado West Quilters' Guild displaying donation quilts
In the evening I spoke to the Colorado West Quilters’ Guild. This time I showed them a PowerPoint presentation of many different quilters and their people and portrait quilts. I finished it off with a trunk show of my portrait quilts and opened it up for a question/answer time.

Colorado West Quilters' Guild show-and-tell
After their show-and-tell time, this guild places their quilts on the stage so everyone can admire them up close.

I’ll share their workshop portraits tomorrow.