IQF Day 4

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I’m definitely feeling my age now. I remember coming to Quilt Festival ten years ago or so, and staying the entire day from the moment it opened to the moment it closed. Today, I wore myself out around 4, so I hopped on the shuttle bus and headed back to the hotel. I told sweet hubby I wasn’t ruling out the possibility of going back to the show since it’s open until 7, but the longer I sit still, the less likely that is!

This is a tiny view of one special exhibit at the show. I forget how big the convention center is. At least three football fields on each of the three levels, and the quilt festival fills all of it. (Update: the George R. Brown Convention Center website says the usable space on the first floor is 639,000 square feet! The quilt festival uses all three floors!!!)

I walked around the show again. It’s always a weird experience the second day because I know I’ve walked down a particular aisle, but I still see quilts I don’t remember seeing before, often right next to one I took pictures of. There’s just so much to see, I can’t possibly remember it all! Definite overload. Whenever I come, I rely heavily on the photographs I take, so I can study the quilts later.

I did more shopping too. That’s why I decided to go back to the hotel – the bag got too heavy!

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  1. Sharon Driver

    ok – a trip to Houston someday to see this is a MUST….
    Now to slowly prepare Riley for such a trip…..

  2. Sue Potts

    Gosh Maria, I was there every day that the Festival was running! I had classes every day of the week, plus I went back on the weekend with a new friend – I couldn’t get enough of it! I reckon I must have walked around that building at least 10 times each day and every time I saw something new, that I hadn’t seen before! It’s an amazing Festival and an even more amazing building.