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Whenever I go to a quilt show, I try to take a picture of every quilt that is a portrait or is figurative. I’m addicted. Some shows don’t have very many of them, but the International Quilt Festival in Houston last week had numerous people and portrait quilts. And, I had the priviledge of meeting several of the artists! It was so much fun asking them about their techniques (my continual interest) and the stories behind their quilts. For the next few days, I’d like to share a few of these wonderful quilts.

Sakura I: Hanaogi Views the Cherry Blossoms by Megan Farkas
Megan Farkas won the Future of Quilting Award, which is given to a quilter younger than 35.

Sakura I: Hanaogi Views the Cherry Blossoms (detail) by Megan Farkas
Her quilt, “Sakura I: Hanaogi Views the Cherry Blossoms,” was really interesting to look at. She was inspired by a Japanese woodblock from the 1790s. The figures are all hand appliqued. I think the outlines are done with marker. She stitched “silk” flowers along the top edge.

Checks & Balances by Caryl Bryer Fallert
Checks & Balances (detail) by Caryl Bryer Fallert
The first place winner in the “Art-People, Portraits, and Figures” category was “Checks & Balances” by Caryl Bryer Fallert. She is such an amazing quilter. I’ve been in awe of her for years and years! Not only do I love her use of color, but her free motion machine quilting is unbelievable! This piece was no exception. The details are so incredible, I ended up taking a close up photo of each figure. In addition to the larger figures, there are other smaller figures executed with just quilting lines. This is a jaw-dropping quilt!

God's Greatest Gift to Me Was Dad by Cindy Garcia
God's Greatest Gift to Me Was Dad (detail) by Cindy Garcia
I haven’t found my picture of the second place winner yet, but “God’s Greatest Gift to Me Was Dad” by Cindy Garcia won third place in the “Art-People, Portraits, and Figures” category. She used Marilyn Belford’s technique to create this wonderul portrait of her late father.

She used a really nice selection of fabrics to execute this portrait. At the show, she was telling me about how she used a pair of real blue jeans from a thrift store to make the jeans on the quilt.

(BTW, if you are wondering, according to IQA’s quilt photography rules, “If you post your photos to your personal web site, you must include appropriate credit for each quilt artist, and note that the photos were taken at International Quilt Festival.”)

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  1. Megan Farkas

    Thank you so much for including me! The outlines on the figures are actually done with 1 ply of DMC embroidery floss in stem stitch. The faces are done with permanent marker.

    • Maria

      Oh, thanks so much for clarifying that for me! I was trying to figure out how you outlined them so perfectly with marker, but embroidering actually makes more sense.

  2. Cindy Garcia

    Hi Maria,
    It is an honor to have my quilt appear on your website. My daughter and I were amazed by your winning quilt. If the beautiful face and hair weren’t enough, the quilting just sent it over the top.
    Thanks again and God Bless always,

  3. Ed Chamness

    I looked at these backward (little wonder)…but thoroughly enjoyed them…I am so glad you enjoyed Houston…