George has arrived!

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George arrives!
I am delighted to announce
the arrival of


December 30, 2011
37 lbs.
29 by 18 inches
7:17 p.m.
(Yes, I was in labor ALL day!)

And, yes, it came with the red bow 🙂

George arrives!
I love that it arrived in a box that says, “Caution – Extreme Excitement Bundled Inside*
* Contents may cause excessive hugging, squealing, jumping, and fist-pumping!”
(I also love the fact that this last sentence is written like it’s blowing in the wind because the machine was earned because Windblown won a big award at the IQA Houston show!)

13 Responses

  1. Simply Susan

    Congratulations! Excited for you. Bet you won’t sleep tonight! If you ever find the valance on the door missing, check my house first….even if it is 500 miles away. Love it!

  2. Sue Pratt

    Oh I can SO feel your excitement!! I hope you get many, many hours of pleasure with George:D)

  3. DD#2

    Can’t wait to meet my little brother! You better not love him more than you love me!

    • Maria

      I was ever-so-slightly disappointed that he wasn’t white, but I’m sure I’ll get over it! Maybe the red bow was because of Christmas?

  4. Sarah Ann Smith

    Way to go Maria! I’ve noodled around with the idea of a George or HQ16 or something…. will love to read how you settle in together! And yes, the box is WONDERFUL… love a good sense of whimsy!

  5. Sue DeSantis

    What a wonderful “toy” to have for those cold and snowy winter hibernation days! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  6. Sharon Driver

    congratulations, Maria!!! So exciting!!!! And the bow AND the name is RED….darn, perhaps the wrong address was on the box….hmmmmm……