George’s permanent home

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Earlier this month, we set up George in the folding table that came with it. To my surprise, somehow my measurements were off and the table was 3″ too long for the space that was available. Because of that, when the table was set up, it was nearly impossible to freely move around in my studio. That was okay, though. The plan all along was for George to eventually live in my 4 foot by 8 foot work table. Yesterday, sweet hubby decided he might as well prepare George’s permanent home sooner than later.

  1. We started by carefully studying the custom table that came with George.
  2. We moved the Janome from the worktable and studied the opening that DH had cut for it way back in 2003.
  3. We used the acrylic table that is custom cut for George to plan the new opening.
  4. Sweet hubby cut the new opening with his handy-dandy sawzall.
  5. Next, he created braces under the table to hold George.
  6. Last, he used some hardware that came with George’s original table to secure the machine so it won’t vibrate when running.
George's permanent home
George's permanent home

So now, George is happy in his new home. I’m eventually going to paint the exposed wood white so it won’t be distracting, but I’m eager to start learning all about how to use the new member of the family.

THANK YOU, sweet hubby! You are the best!

Janome's new home
Janome's new home
The Janome is in its new home, too. Not to be ignored, the opening on this table also had to be modified. Good thing DH had not put away his jigsaw yet. He quickly cut away an extra inch and the Janome slid right into place.

I’ve never even imagined having two machines permanently set up, just waiting to play! Wow! God is so good. With much fear and trepidation, I quit my full-time job in 2008 so I could pursue quilting. God has faithfully cared for us through these past years. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for us next 🙂

7 Responses

  1. Sharon Driver

    Love it, Maria…..!!! Now to see what marvelous quilts you come up with…..

  2. Deana Lasher

    Those hubbies sure are a great. Not just for their handyman skills, but for supporting your love of quilting. I had so much fun when I got my Sweet 16, that I initially forgot to exercise moderation (boy was I in pain). Have fun! Remember to stretch and Happy Quilting!

  3. Beth Schillig

    Wow! George looks so happy in his new home! I have been wondeing how things were coming, now you can really get going.

  4. caryl

    Let me know how you like George. I got George and like it, though I am having tension problems. So far i have been successful with Isacord thread. The others I have tried, break.

    • Maria

      So far I’ve only used the Superior Masterpiece thread that they sent with the machine. I’ll have to learn more about using other threads.