Sapphire Star – complete!

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Sapphire Star by Maria ElkinsSapphire Star is now complete! I decided that waiting another six months to finish just wasn’t going to work for me. I wanted it done! But, last night we had movie night at our church. What’s a girl to do? I quickly trimmed the quilt, cut some binding, and sewed it on by machine. All that was left was the hand sewing. I grabbed my gear and we were off for movie night. I sat in the back row and pulled out my handy-dandy Verilux Natural Spectrum Book & Travel Light.

Verilux travel light

Verilux travel light caseThis is a really nice, portable, full spectrum light that can be used with regular or rechargeable AA batteries. If you use rechargeable batteries, you can charge them in any USB connection with the cord that is included. The light comes with a palm-sized travel pouch that keeps everything together.

I tucked the clip into the neckline of my sweather and let the light rest on my chest, just under my chin. Okay, it was no fashion statement, but it nicely lit a fairly large area of my quilt so I could hand sew the binding in place while sitting in a completely dark room. The light bulb is adjustable so I could point it in just the right angle so it wouldn’t bother anyone else. So, I got to enjoy the movie and still get the binding done at the same time.

Today, I signed the quilt, slapped on a sleeve, and hung the quilt up in my dining room. Here it is in its new home.

Sapphire Star in its new home

On to the next project!

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