Slow thaw

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DadI’ve been going through a slow thaw. Sweet hubby and I traveled to visit my dad last week. We stayed with my brother and sister-in-law who live in California. They’ve been caring for Dad the last few years. My other brother who lives in Japan came, along with his wife and daughter, and my sister and her husband came from Oregon. It was nice having a mini family reunion for a few days.

For some reason, it has been very difficult to recover from the three hour time change this trip. Both DH and I have been moving in slow motion all week. We are ploughing through our regular activities. We also had to do some major reorganization in the family room. My computer desk, along with all of the related paraphenalia were relocated to an ajacent wall to make room for some new furniture to organize the TV area. Sounds simple enough. The only draw back is that the family room is located in what used to be the garage. The house uses well water for all of the outside water taps, and the pump is located in the corner where my desk needed to be. The water softener unit is also there, along with random pipes coming out of the floor and wires snaking out of the ceiling. Okay, not your normal family room!

We put our heads together and talked through various options. We wanted to keep costs to a minimum. The desk I had been using is an extra heavy-duty, 2-inch thick, laminate monster which was too high for me to type or mouse comfortably for long periods of time. Sweet hubby dug out his sawzall and lopped off 3″ from the bottom. Ah! So nice to type at now. As close to ergonomic as I’m going to get! Then we had to make some additional cuts in one side so it would fit over the pump and miscellaneous piping. Now my desk fits snuggly next to my fabric cabinet.

Studio deskSince my other various drawers are modular, I was able to repurpose all of them. Sweet hubby even built me a special shelf over the water pump for my printer to sit on. Now everything is within arm’s reach.

I spent the day happily cleaning, sorting, tossing, reorganizing. Junk piles up so fast! Now I need to spend some time re-labeling the drawers.

I even hung some quilts on the wall, along with some blue twinkle lights! The purple quilt over my monitor is a round-robin quilt made by myself, my mom, and my sister in the mid-1990’s. It hides some of the random wires. To the right of it is a little angel quilt I made in 1991. To the left, over the printer, are two little quilts. My daughters made those when they were 4 and 6. Each started with their own drawings of an angel, which we cut out of fabric, fused, and then they decorated with a Pigma pen.

Tomorrow I need to problem-solve George. Somehow I accidentally made a mistake when measuring my available space, so the table that came with George is 3″ too large. Oops!

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  1. Susan O. Schaller

    Maria, great changes on your part and thanks to your DH ! A friend inquired about your classes and asked if you have any scheduled before yours at NQA ?

    • Maria

      I’m lecturing at Ohio Valley Quilt Guild in Cincinnati on March 5 and doing a workshop for them on Saturday, March 31. I’ll teaching three half-day workshops at the Quilters’ Guild of the Bluegrass in Lexington, KY on April 10 & 11. I’ll be at the Goodtime Quilters in Circleville teaching a full day workshop on May 4.