Perspective for Quilters

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I’ve been putting my cupboard-door design walls to good use this week as I’ve worked on class examples for my Perspective for Quilters workshop.

Perspective for Quilters

I know many quilters who want to be able to depict realistic images, but they get bogged down when it comes to drawing something in perspective. For instance, a cabin in the woods, or a window, or even a simple cube. If you know a few basic steps, however, these things become easy! I’ll be teaching this workshop at the National Quilting Association show in Columbus this June, as well as a few quilt guilds, so I wanted to have several examples for students to learn from. I hope to teach a variety of ways to depict things three dimensionally on a two dimensional surface like a quilt. Once you know the basics, it’s a lot of fun to do!

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  1. BJ

    Looks like a wonderful class. Wish I lived nearby so I could come. Your samples are great!

  2. Sharon Driver

    …I have always wondered how those “cube” quilts were done….now to go check out our June schedule !