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Heat setting a portion of the resist sampleResisting. Such an interesting concept. I find it somewhat humorous that during the same time that I’ve resisted moving out from under my warm heating blanket, I have also been planning and preparing to work on my next article, which most likely will be on resists. Hmmm… There’s probably some profound connection there. I don’t think I have the energy or inclination for deep thinking right now, though.

Honestly, I haven’t gotten much quilt-related stuff done this month, despite looming deadlines. Maybe I’m under a vague depression. Maybe it’s just the gray winter weather and lack of sunlight. It’s so cold in my unheated studio, even with the space heater going, that I seldom feel the urge to do anything other than snuggle up and read.

Whatever it might be that’s been keeping me stuck to my comfy chair, at least I haven’t been completely inactive. I’ve been doing research in preparation for a secret, non-quilty project which I hope to reveal in next month. And during those times I finally felt overwhelmingly guilty, I’ve also been finishing up some class samples for an upcoming workshop.

Resist samplesThis week I also started on my experimenting with different resists. There are always surprises when trying something new, and this time was no exception. I was hoping I’d be able to squeeze the resists directly from the bottle to create nice, even lines. It didn’t quite work out that way, however, which means that now I have to troubleshoot and think of other possible ways to achieve the results I’d like. My discoveries will be revealed in the upcoming article.

Professional Quilter magazineIn the meantime, I received the Winter 2012 issue of Professional Quilter. Inside is a really nice article entitled, “Putting Your Best Photos Forward,” written by Gloria Hansen. She had seen my tutorial on Photographing Quilts which I wrote a few months back, and she asked if she could use one of my diagrams and one of my photos to illustrate her article. Of course, I said yes! Last week, Morna sent me a complimentary copy of the magazine. It’s always fun to see my things in print.

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  1. Donna Becker

    I’m wondering if laying down something like painter’s tape would provide enough of a baffle to keep the resist in line. Maybe measuring a quarter or half inch between the two lines of tape? Would be interesting.

    • Maria

      I used a stencil and stencil brush to apply the resist and that works ok, although it is hard to keep it even. So, tape could be used in a similar way. However, I don’t think tape would work if squeezing from the bottle, because it would seep through and run under.