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EngagedThis is increasingly looking like a year where quilting will be taking a supporting role, all for the right reasons. In addition to preparing to welcome a new grandchild (courtesy DD#2), I will now be immersed with wedding plans (courtesy DD#1) as well. Happily, my eldest got engaged this weekend, and we’re thrilled for her!

How does this affect my quilting time? I’m afraid my two daughters and I are all overachievers with way too many ideas. We’ve already started researching ideas and supply sources during this past month, since we suspected this was coming 😉 — that’s one reason I’ve been so quiet on my blog. Not much quilting getting done, but lots of other things going on. I expect there will be lots of crafts and preparations over the next six months. The wedding will be September 1, and the baby is due sometime around October 1.

Doilies, burgundy and lavenderDD#1 wants to have a casual but elegant, vintage afternoon tea party feeling for her wedding: lots of tea cups and lace, paper and crochet doilies, burgundy and lavender ribbons and fabrics, all without being too girly. If you’ve followed me on Pinterest during the last month, no doubt you’ve seen loads of images incorporating these elements. We’ll be on a tight budget, a tiny fraction of the supposedly “average” $26,951 spent on a US wedding in 2012. We expect to host roughly 150 guests. The only way to keep costs very low is to do most everything ourselves. Thankfully, we have quite a few wonderful friends eager to help.

I’m sure I’ll be sharing more as our preparations take shape.

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  1. Beth Schillig

    Congrats to you and your daughters!! I’m so happy for your family, looks like you will be busy for quite some time. Hope you are still planning on taking NancyCrows class in May, I’m really looking forward to that. Beth

    • Maria

      Oh, yes. The Nancy Crow workshop is non-negotiable. Already paid for and already bought supplies. Don’t know how, but they’ll have to live without me for a week 🙂

    • Maria

      Oh, my! Very exciting link! Thank you so much. Immediately sent the link to DD#1, and she said, “Oooo! Must do. Very distinct possibility!” with a big grin on her face. I really appreciate the link. BTW, if you like wedding cakes, go to this link ( and scroll down to see the cake we made for DD#2’s wedding.

  2. Teri

    Congratulations Maria, I would love it if any of my kids would get with it in the grandchild department. I do follow you on Pinterest, and I saw baby stuff and wedding stuff, so I figured something was up. Have fun!!

    • Maria

      I had to laugh when I went to the library and picked up books on perspective, pregnancy, and weddings all at the same time. I admit I’m thankful that those three topics were for three different people!

  3. Sharon Driver

    Count me in as eager to help! Afternoon wedding tea – how elegant!!!!