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Blue tea mugTo get myself in the tea party spirit, I treated myself to a new blue-and-white tea mug. Since I’m going to be inundated by burgundy and lavender for the next six months, I thought I should prepare myself first by getting one more blue thing. It’s been nice sipping hot tea in my cold studio while perusing Pinterest, daydreaming about warmer times.

Blue cake plate

I thought now was a good time to get a covered cake plate, too. I’m going to need to be able to make birthday cakes for the new grandchild, and you can’t eat the whole cake in one day, right? Gotta have some way to store it, too. Never mind my treasured cupboard of Tupperware. This one is so pretty I’ll likely leave it out all the time. Actually, I already had the cobalt blue pedestal plate. (Truthfully, I have five, but three of them are stacking so that hardly counts.) But, I thought a beautiful cover would be nice. Just don’t know what to do with the clear base that came with the cover. Ah — wedding present for DD#1! She’ll get a pedestal plate, it just won’t be covered. Could I really do that? We’ll see.

Super sale!Now for the earth-stopping bargain of the day. I snagged twelve packages of 3M Command decorating strips, the kind that lets you temporarily hang something and then remove the hanging clip afterwards without damaging the wall. I’m sure these were intended for hanging strands of Christmas lights, but I imagine they could very likely come in handy for decorating at the wedding. I’m pretty sure the regular price before Christmas was $4.79. Yesterday I grabbed twelve packages for 19 cents each! At that price, I almost don’t care if we use them. I’m sure our church can use the leftovers.

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  1. Michelle

    Hi Maria, m DD has always loved blue, even as a child. Her grandmother tried to get her to choose pink or lavender and she always chose blue LOL. I’d love to get her a cup like this for her daily commute to work. Will you share where you found it, or if there is a brand name on the bottom so I could look for it?

    I hope your DH is healing and will be out of the woods soon. My prayers are with you.