Tutorial: comfy pregnancy belly blanket

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Here’s the tutorial I promised last week. In an effort to make DD#2′s pregnancy easier I wanted to make her a “belly blanket.” This is a small, very soft, circular blanket that is intended to gently soothe a pregnant tummy while the skin is continually being stretched, and to help mamma relax during delivery. Afterwards, the newborn can be wrapped in it, and it will already have mamma’s scent on it.

DD#2 and I chose to use some special, hand painted, silk satin on one side and a textured Minky Cuddle Dimple Dot fabric. If you are making one, you could choose other fabrics as described below. When choosing your fabrics you might want to consider the season (polar fleece might be too hot in the summer) and also washability. Be sure to pre-wash your fabrics since each will likely shrink at different rates. The finished size of my blanket is about 23″ diameter, but you can make yours a different size if you prefer.


  • 3/4 yard soft, silky, slippery, satiny fabric like silk satin or polyester satin
  • 3/4 yard soft, slightly fuzzy fabric like Minky, polar fleece, cotton flannel
  • ruler
  • fabric gel pen or Pentel pen
  • scissors
  • thread and sewing machine


  1. Fold the thin, silky fabric into quarters. Pin near folds to keep fabric in place.
  2. Position ruler at folded corner at the 12″ mark on the ruler.
  3. Gradually rotate ruler so you can draw an arc, making a mark every 1/2″ or so. Pin near arc.
  4. Cut along marked line.
  5. Open circle. Lay right sides together on top of fuzzy fabric.
  6. Pin along edge every 1-2″. Pin closer together if your fabric is especially wiggly.
  7. Cut backing fabric so it is even with top fabric.
  8. Both pieces should be even. Leave pins in place.
  9. Sew 1/4″ from cut edges.
  10. Be sure to leave a 4″ opening un-sewn.
  11. Turn right side out.
  12. Topstitch close to edge to keep layers from shifting.

Hope you or your loved one will enjoy this belly blanket!

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  1. SimplySusan

    DD1 & DD2 are 2 very fortunate girls to have a mom like you!

  2. Ms Lottie

    It’s lovely! Such a nice idea and I hope it helps.