Basting and preparing to quilt

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I was able to squeeze in an hour or so this morning before church. I spent the time adding some brown background to the right and left of the baby quilt. I also added some additional shadows within the quilt to try to emphasize the idea that it is bending over the edge of the table. Not sure I quite achieved that look, but I have decided that I’m done fiddling with it.

This evening after Bible study I prepared my backing fabric and batting, and then I pin basted the quilt sandwich. Because the cotton/silk blend fabric is more delicate than the standard quilter’s cotton, I basted with my silk straight pins and Pinmoor foam tips. I’m hoping the silk pins will be less likely to snag the fabric than if I used safety pins. I also didn’t want to use a fused batting or spray basting, because I didn’t know how those products would interact with the thinner cotton/silk fabric.

I know using this fabric has created some extra fuss, but the sheen is wonderful, and I love how it feels under my fingers 🙂

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  1. Susan O. Schaller

    Maria, roughly what are your dimensions on this piece?

    • Maria

      The figures are life size. I’m thinking it may end up around 24″ by 30″.