I’m not patient

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I always shake my head when people see a quilt I’ve made and remark, “You must have a lot of patience.” No, if I have a choice, I’m not patient. But, life often requires patience. Monday was swallowed up with more doctor appointments for DH, and an errand with DD#1. Tuesday was snatched away with grocery shopping and taking my mom for her errands. So, today I finally had the opportunity to work on this quilt that I’ve had in mind for several weeks. But, naturally, I’m on a deadline, so I need quick and easy. See, I’m not patient!

I want to use a fabric that is a cotton and silk blend. It has a satin weave, so it is very smooth and somewhat shiny. I started by testing out several colors from two brands of markers. I didn’t stabilize my fabric before I started, so the writing is messy, but I was more interested in how much they bled and if they faded or spread when washed. I was disappointed that there wasn’t more of a difference in the gray tones. After my quick test, I decided to use the Faber Castell markers for this project. They’re not intended for fabric, but they did work beautifully.

I stapled my paper guide to an old portable, rectangular ironing board, and then I stretched and pinned the cotton/silk fabric over that. It was rather enjoyable drawing directly on the fabric with the markers. I had fun drawing thick and thin lines with the brush maker, and it was a bonus that I had at least one gray marker that I could use that was significantly different than black.

Once I had the basic lines in place, I started carefully painting the skin tones with Tsukineko All-Purpose Inks. I had some problems with splotchiness that I might try to correct tomorrow. Because I had the fabric pinned in place, I also couldn’t complete the entire image yet. That will have to come tomorrow, too.

After the skin tones were dry, I started working on the clothing. All this took the afternoon and evening. I hope to be back to work tomorrow. I don’t want to practice patience and have to wait again!

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  1. Laurie

    Maria, Love your work and all your successes!! It can be frustrating to not be in the studio when lifes responsiblilities occur. Take care, Laurie

  2. Susan O. Schaller

    It is turning out beautifully! You are making great strides. So these inks are in pens? Or ink markers? Not applied with a brush? Or the brush is used for last stage of inks? Do u stabilize the back with freezer paper? Yesterday I received my order of FW inks and want to try those soon. I used the MR. CLEAN ERASER to take off the flaking paint on my flowers and repainted with 2 diff. acrylics and no ink pencils involved this time. The eraser did the trick without harming the fiber at all.

    • Maria

      The black and gray lines are Faber Castell markers. The skin tones, blues, and burgundy colors are Tsukineko ink applied with a brush. I did not stabilize the fabric with freezer paper this time. Instead, I stretched it tight over my pressing board.

      Never thought of using Mr. Clean erasers on fabric. I’ll have to try it! Thanks for the tip.