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Today was a wonderful day for working. I put in “Cinderella” and worked steadily while the mice sewed a ballgown. Then I popped in “Tangled” and continued my adventure while Rapunzel went on an adventure of her own. It was so nice to work uninterrupted for several hours at a stretch.

I decided the baby needed to be laying on a baby quilt. I just had to figure out how to work out the various bending lines. I solved the problem by laying a plaid towel on my dining room table. This let me get the basic lines to draw gridwork for the pinwheel quilt. This saved me the effort of having to use my imagination on a day when my brain was already tired. Anyway, I was happy with how it worked.

Once I had the quilt drawn on my fabric, I imported photos into Photoshop Elements and started playing with colors. I realized I couldn’t make it a simple two-color quilt, so I pulled out some nice, bright colors and went to work. I worked slowly so I could control the ink so it wouldn’t bleed uncontrollably. I had a few minor spots of bleeding, but not a significant amount.

Now I need to figure out the rest of the background. I’d like to have all of the painting complete by tomorrow so I can sandwich it and start quilting!

And just in case you’re wondering, DD#2’s baby is a boy!

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  1. SimplySusan

    I knew that was Bethany and Amalya! So meaningful as the hands reach in to intervene. Thanking God for your incredible talent and happy we can be inlaws together (or is it outlaws?)

  2. BJ

    Maria – the quilt is perfect! Can’t wait to see what you decide on the rest of the background.

  3. DD#2

    Mom – I love how its turning out… I’m sure if Amalya Nathaniel could see it He’d love it too… 🙂 We’ll have to make sure to take a picture of him with the quilt after he’s born (time permitting)… Love you. 🙂


  4. Susan O. Schaller

    So soft, so sweet, and so endearing! Was going to suggest a quilt, but who am I to do that when u always come up with just the right idea! This will be such a meaningful quilt in many ways! Always am so impressed with your work! Have u used an extender or medium to prevent the bleeding? Or do u just dilute with water?

    • Maria

      Thanks, Susan. On this particular quilt, I am using the Tsukineko ink without any extender. I’ve diluted them about 50/50 with water. To minimize bleeding, I pick up the tiniest amount (less than a drop of ink) on the tip of my brush and lightly apply it to the fabric.

  5. Susan O. Schaller

    The hands and arms are so ethereal, ( hands of God?), yet showing the quilt beneath. If u did that with ink it must have been so thinned down. You must have tested it beforehand on a mockup piece. I just love watching your process…thank you for sharing it with us! God bless Amalya Nathaniel !