Quilting is done!

Surrender by Maria ElkinsHooray!!! I’ve finished all the quilting, and we’ve celebrated with Dairy Queen! Now I just need to label it, sleeve it, photograph it, document it…what else? I’m afraid all that is going to have to wait a bit since I have two other deadlines to work on first. BUT, I did finish it in time to send an entry form for June’s NQA show. This is a non-juried show that accepts the first 400 entries, and the “received by” deadline is April 30. So, as long as they haven’t met their quota yet, I’m hoping this quilt will be in Columbus in June.

Our family has discussed possible titles for this quilt, which honors a situation so heartfelt and personal. For us, it’s a bittersweet blend of joyfulness and heartbreak. I know many families have experienced similar situations of losing a much-loved infant through miscarriage, stillbirth, or passing soon after birth for some reason. For now we’re thinking of entitling this quilt “Surrender.” I am so proud of the way our daughter and son-in-law have chosen to fully embrace their son for as long as they are able, knowing that it will end with them surrendering him into the loving hands of our Heavenly Father. We all look forward to enjoying little Amalya Nathaniel for as long as God allows.

14 Responses

  1. BJ

    What a wonderful quilt of love you have created … and so much more. It is a true treasure. I like ‘Surrender’. What first came to my mind when I read that as a possible name for it was “into your hands I commit my spirit” and the old hymn “I Surrender All”.
    I honor your family for loving this child of God for however long he is to be in this world. What a blessing he will be to all of you, and to countless others whose lives he will touch.

  2. SimplySusan

    WOW! Thank you Maria for modeling a life of surrender to the love and care of the one who surrendered his own life for us.

  3. Shannon Shirley

    Maria, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this piece come to life. I so hope NQA has not met their quota because I would love to see it in person and will be at NQA this year. I am hoping to be in one of your classes but I haven’t received confirmation yet.

  4. Susan O. Schaller

    Perfect title for such a meaningful piece! Spreading the feathers out was the perfect answer for the background quilting. God bless your family …truly a Christian example!

  5. DD#2

    I love how it turned out. The background came out really splendidly. I think the overall the quilt looks peaceful, with a mix of sadness, and love. 🙂 Thanks for taking on this challenge, and for supporting us and Amalya. Love you very much!

  6. Billie

    You have not only shared a work of art, but your love of our Heavenly Father.

    God Bless you all!

  7. Kathy Angel Lee

    What a lovely tribute to your daughter, son-in-law and baby. Thank you for sharing this moving piece and for being able to show the rest of us a way to support your family through a piece of art.

  8. Sheila

    I’m feeling “surrender”. It’s really beautiful. Love to your family Maria… xxxx

  9. catherine Parkinson

    It is totally stunning Maria. I am touched by this piece of wrok. You are an amazing artist with so much soul in your work. I love the way your testimony of you beliefs are shown in your work. xxx

  10. Susan

    What an extraordinary way to deal with such a difficult topic and such a sad situation. Thank you for showing emotion in this extraordinary quilt

  11. Louise Page

    Absolutely beautiful! The story which the quilt represents brought tears to my eyes. Please let your daughter and son-in-law know that I have sent a prayer for their peace with this difficult occurrence. Your work always speaks to me, but this is beyond even that. Thanks for sharing.

  12. sister Barbara

    So much warmth and love in this picture where the mother is protecting her infant and doesn/t want to ever let go. So much interment emotions touching mother’s protective cacoon surrounding child.
    Also with God holding out with his strong hands wo wish the anget out of sickness. weakness, and so much uncertianly of that moment. lots of love is abound.

    God be with mother, child today and throughout eternity. God is LOVE!!!!!!!