Stuck on the background again

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I gathered up my courage and finished quilting the mom’s face and hair. It is a small, but important area. I really wanted it to look nice. I tried giving myself some convincing self-talk so I would quit procrastinating and get it done. In the end, it took the motivation of an impending deadline for me to jump in and do it. So, it is with great relief that all of the main elements are now completely quilted.

But now I’m stuck on that background again. I can’t figure out how I want to quilt it. I don’t want just a bunch of nondescript stippling. I tried out various feathers and other similar wispy elements. They’re pretty, but none of them seem right so far. They don’t relate to the central image. I’m trying to figure out what quilted motifs will support the telling of the story.

I can always hope that taking a short break to blog will give me new ideas 🙂

8 Responses

  1. Mary Miller

    How about turning the feathers into angel wings?

    • Maria

      I have thought about that and did some sketches, but didn’t like how they were turning out. Will do more tomorrow.

  2. Susan O. Schaller

    How about reversing the feathers and position them swirling upwards… the heavens , so to speak!

  3. Lisa Quintana

    I think feathers are the thing…but you need to re-work them as Susan says….I’m thinking “Hope is the thing with feathers” and the breath of God sort of thing….You’re on the right track…and when you put the thumbnail up feathers were the first thing I thought of.

    Trust your instincts, Maria….and go with it….L.

    • Maria

      Ok, I thinned them out and lightened it up a bit so there is more breathing space. I wanted them reaching down and sort of embracing the pair. I’m going to my studio now to get started. I have two hours this morning, and maybe a couple this evening.

  4. Terry

    What quilted motifs will support the telling of the story? I see the story of love. Pure and complex and deeply beautiful, maternal love. I think hearts. Not cutesy or obvious, but hearts woven artistically into the quilting composition.