Tutorial: button magnets

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I had a deadline that I had to complete by today, so naturally, midstream I had to take a little break and do something else. It really wasn’t my fault. I was a Joann’s, and they had buttons on sale, and they had cute little packs of all blue buttons. A light bulb went off in my head and I knew I needed to squeeze in one more tiny project.

I use magnets to hold up my revolving door calendar to the sheet metal that we attached to my studio door. The magnets I use are just plain, ordinary, and ugly. I tried covering the magnets with scraps of fabric (first picture below). Cute, but a pain to fiddle with. I did three before I decided it wasn’t worth my time. So I waited until this idea popped in my mind today.

This project is so easy I hate to call it a tutorial.

  1. Use heavy duty magnets. I got mine at Home Depot. The craft magnets I bought at another store were wimpy and didn’t hold well.
  2. Choose some pretty buttons.
  3. Glue buttons to magnets. I used E-6000.
  4. Let dry for several hours and then enjoy!

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  1. Susan O. Schaller

    Good idea. Happy Mother’s Day……….prob. a bitter sweet one though.