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I’m so excited about my great deal, I just had to share about it!!! I met another one of my deadlines, and just have one more to do this week, so I decided to reward myself by going to our favorite thrift store. This is the place that sells stuff by the pound. I headed straight to the bins of linens. What perfect timing! This is what I got for $5.41.

  • Four cream colored quilted placemats with no stains
  • Two random medium-size lace curtains
  • Five large, matching lace curtains
  • One brand new lace curtain still in a sealed package
  • Six yards of lace fabric
  • One oval lace tablecloth
  • One lace table runner
  • Four oval lace doilies
  • Six hand-stitched linen hankies
  • One burgundy organza curtain
  • One small, tabletop, wrought-iron easel

All for $5.41! Woohoo! DD#1 is planning a vintage-themed wedding. I’m thinking I could use these for tablecloths or backdrops or maybe some creative way I haven’t even thought of yet. They should help create a vintage ambiance.

She’s hoping we’ll find lots of lace doilies, too, but I don’t have many yet. I’ll just have to lie in wait, ready to pounce when a hoard of doiles falls in my lap. LOL! I am also keeping an eye out for white and cream buttons. I think they would be pretty in cut-glass dishes surrounding candles. DD#1 used to collect buttons when she was in grade school, so it seems appropriate. I did pick up a pint jar full of buttons at our quilt show this past weekend. If you have any lace curtains, doilies, or buttons that you are ready to throw out, let me know 🙂

We’re also going to display some vintage photos. Here are three that I have scanned so far:

I wrote to my 91 year-old aunt (my dad’s sister) earlier this month, and she was so excited that someone was interested in the family photos, she generously sent be a couple dozen pictures. I hope to scan those over the next few weeks, and I’ll show you some of the real treasures. Some have terrific historical clothing, which I love. DD#1’s future mother-in-law has some vintage photos, too. By the time we’re done collecting photos, we’re hoping all the families involved will be well-represented. And somewhere there’s a photo of our wedding with me wearing the dress that she’ll be wearing. I hope to find that this summer when we start going through some boxes that are stacked up in storage.

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  1. Sharon Driver

    …what a find! How I love to find treasures…..!!!!

  2. Susan O. Schaller

    What a great theme for a wedding.