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I spent a wonderful time with the Goodtime Quilters of Circleville, Ohio this past week. Thursday morning, I was invited to show a PowerPoint presentation and trunk show of my own quilts. I especially wanted to encourage them all to try new things and not be afraid of experimenting. The Goodtime Quilters were also the very first group who got to see my newest quilt, Surrender.

They fed us a fabulous lunch afterwards. Delicious! Sweet hubby went back for seconds. I prepared his first plate because he was busy. Hahaha — I didn’t put enough special treats on it, so he had to correct the situation!

On Friday, I taught my “Making Faces” workshop to fifteen ladies, some eager, a few somewhat wary. I get excited every time I see that look of surprise and delight on their faces at the moment they recognize the person or pet whose portrait they are creating. What fun! Here are close ups of their portraits. Great job, ladies!!!

I just have to point out the fabulous pressed tin ceiling that was in the room where we met for the lecture and workshop. I so wish this was in our church, but then I might never hear DH’s sermon. I kept looking up, imagining it as a quilt. Somebody (not me!) really needs to applique this, or maybe it should be a wholecloth quilt or it could be stenciled with Paintstiks. Oh, the possibilities!

By the way, thank you to everyone who has asked how my sweet hubby is doing after the stroke he had on March 7. It has been two months now, and he has recovered completely! We have not noticed any side effects in his coordination, speech, thought process, or anything else. We did learn he has macular degeneration, but at this point it is not impairing his vision in any significant way. We are so thankful his quick recovery! Since he is feeling back to normal, I quickly put him back to work as my chauffeur, pack mule, and all around good-guy. I hope I never have to go to teach somewhere without him.

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  1. Heather Wind

    I’m glad to hear your husband is doing well! I can’t wait for you to come back to the Ohio Valley Quilters’ Guild so that I can make a “face” too! I want to make a Shih Tzu like the one pictured here!

  2. Susan O. Schaller

    Those tins would make great rubbings with the Paintstiks. Couldn’t they spare u one? The china markers Judy Coates Perez used are by Sanford. I did find them on Amazon and they were a dozen for $7 something. There were other cheaper brands listed also and it does come in black. Would be interesting to use the black on a light fabric to make a negative space or define an area. Judy sayd she has only tried the white. Just paints over with the inks. I just finished a totally Ink painted piece of winter trees on an ombre fabric titled “Rooted in Silence”, as root systems are included. I further embellished the piece with Inktense Pencils for shadowing and highlighting, and do love the results. Moistened the area first and then the pencil marks. Want to order some Kaufmann Radiance for painting on as it is smoother….but it is sooo pricey on eQuilter. Where do u purchase it? Will wait for an order where I get free shipping at Amazon in order to buy the Sanford markers.

    • Maria

      Those ceilings were about 15-20 feet high. I just need to climb up on a ladder, right? How fun would that be 🙂 Thanks for the source for the china markers. I’ve added them to my cart, so I’ll buy them next time I put in an order. I likely got my Pentel Gel Rollers for Fabric from, too. Those are about $20 for a dozen, but worth every penny. I bought the cotton/silk blend (55%/45%) fabric from Dharma Trading (

  3. Susan O. Schaller

    The pictures your Circleville class finished are MARVELOUS!!! You provide such an inspiring outlet for quilters and open many avenues of self-expression.

  4. Mary Beth

    Thank you so very much for the trunk show and workshop. I had an absolutely wonderful time! Listening to you talk about each of your quilts was wonderful and being able to spend time in you workshop was a tremendous privilege. Your process is so satisfying! You are a really great person and your artwork is very special. A super great experience. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  5. Debbie Barber

    I have showed everyone my finished project. I have taken many classes but your class has been my very favorite. You’re a wonderful teacher. You are a true artist and your last quilt touched my heart. Good luck in all you do and I hope we meet again soon.

  6. Dee Timmons

    Maria, I just wanted to let you know that both you and your hubby made our class very special. You are a great teacher and so very patient! I was one of the wary ones as you know, but guess what? I’m going to try another LOL! Thank you for a wonderful class, one of the best, maybe the best, I have ever taken. Thank you so much!

    • Maria

      Thanks so much!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Dee. That is my ultimate goal. Feel free to email me if you have any questions while you make your next one, and then make sure you send me a picture of it.

  7. Annick


    Check out the quilt from Anne Oliver: Painted Metal Ceilings where she appliqued the tin ceilings designs. It was on a cover of Quilter’s Newsletter magazine a long time ago, probably in the early 1990’s. I saw it in person once when I lived in the DC area. So beautifully done! There is a picture on the PBS site also. With your dedication to a job well done, you will certainly appreciate it.
    Love your work especially your last one: Surrender. I so admire that you are one of the few people I read about or even know that lives by what he/she preaches.

    • Maria

      I think I remember that one, and there was another, too, by a Canadian artist 🙂
      Thank you!

  8. Gay

    Seeing your “latest” quilt was such in inspiration after following your blog!
    Thanks for the great trunk show. Loved seeing all the different techniques 🙂

  9. Diane Simancek

    I enjoyed reading about the classes you took from Nancy Crow. How does one read the entire article? The screen indicates that there is [more], but I wasn’t able to figure out how to read the rest of each day’s entries.


  10. Beth Starkey-Hill

    All I can say is “Wow, what a great workshop!” I was thrilled when my Springer Springer emerged through the process in the “Faces” workshop, and there is no doubt that I will do another one. Our group really enjoyed the lecture and trunk show, and I must say it was a true pleasure to have you and your husband spend a couple of days with the guild. I would certainly recommend you to any group that wanted a fun, all-levels-can-do-it program. There was an incredible amount of positive feedback from our girls. Many, many thanks!
    Beth Starkey-Hill