Review: The Complete Photo Guide to Art Quilting

I got a special gift in the mail this week. I’m rather addicted to books, especially ones with lots of pictures. The Complete Photo Guide to Art Quilting by Susan Stein will make a nice addition to my bookshelf, but first it will live by my couch for a while so I can leaf through it day after day.

This book is an overview of just about every technique an art quilter could think of, all accompanied by bright, beautiful photos. It covers everything from how to set up a quilting studio, composition and design, project how-to’s, and info on finishing off the quilt. I would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in becoming an art quilter, or someone who wants to explore new things.

I’m not completely unbiased, however. Susan kindly included two of my quilts in her “People and Faces” section. “Violinist” is on page 110 and “Sheer Whim” is on page 111.

Putting that aside, and admitting I haven’t read every word in the book yet, I really have liked what I’ve seen so far. I look forward to many happy evenings in the coming weeks.

2 Responses

  1. Upstatelisa

    Looks like a beautiful book. Congratulations on being published in it!

  2. Linda Steele

    Oh oh, it looks as if I am being tempted to buy another book. Thnaks for letting us know about it. Congratulations on having your quilts in it as well.