Winners from the 2012 MVQG show

The Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild met last night, and they announced the winners from last weekend’s show. Our guild doesn’t use a panel of judges to pick the winners. Instead, each person that comes to the show is given a ballot as they enter, and they get to vote on their favorite quilt in each category. I always enjoy learning what quilts the average viewer picks since they are a mix of quilters and non-quilters. It is often very different from what trained judges might pick, but each group is looking for something different, which I find fascinating.

I apologize because my camera battery died last night before I could get pictures of all the quilts and their labels. I didn’t even get a photo of my own quilt with its ribbon. I imagine the remaining winning quilts will be on the guild’s website very soon.

Quilt Queen by Maria ElkinsI entered “Embrace 1,” “Quilt Queen,” and “Sheer Whim“. They were all in the miniature category. Last night I found out that “Quilt Queen” won the viewers’ choice ribbon for miniature quilts!

Surrender by Maria ElkinsI also had the opportunity to share “Surrender” for the first time with my own quilt guild. I got many very kind comments and lots of hugs. Thank you to everyone in my quilt guild for your support as well.

One very sweet lady in my quilt guild has been reading my blog, and gave us 19 more punch cups for DD#1’s wedding. You should have seen how delighted she was when I brought them home! Thank you so much!!!

On April 30, I did a review of the DVD “Why Quilts Matter.” I really did like the series, and I recommend you watch it if you have the chance. They are working on a new project – The Continuing the Conversation guide. The guide will be a companion to the series to help stimulate conversation about quilts. They have until June 1, 2012 to raise money for the project. Donations can be as small as $5 and each donation is tied to a reward, so you get something in return. If you are interested in supporting this project, go to for more information.

3 Responses

  1. Queenie Believe

    Congratulations on your first place for “Quilt Queenie”
    I must say I really like the quilt and its name :o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. Beverly Munson

    Beautiful workmanship, unbelievably beautiful, I’ve been looking for a new afghan but these are just too beautiful to ever be used. Congrats on the Win!!