2012 NQA Show

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Sweet hubby and I just returned from the 43rd Annual NQA Quilt Show. (NQA stands for National Quilting Association.) I was scheduled to teach six workshops over a three day period! I was pretty nervous about that, and it took quite a bit of time to get everything prepared and ready to go. I’ve actually been preparing off and on for the last six months, but the ten days prior to the show were especially intense! Poor sweet hubby…the things he must sacrifice for the sake of quilting!

Wednesday night, before the classes began, I attended the awards banquet. I was thrilled to meet up with some of the lovely ladies I met when I spoke at to the Goodtime Quilters in Circleville, Ohio. They kindly let me join their friendly bunch for dinner. Dinner was actually very tasty, beginning with a bite of yummy chocolate cake (Mom wasn’t there to say I couldn’t), and ending with the rest of the chocolate cake.

Following dinner, they announced the awards, and I was honored that Surrender won a second place ribbon in the Pictorial Quilt category!

Next week, I’ll be posting pictures from some of my quilt classes. I want to thank everyone who took a class from me. Some people I had the pleasure of having two or more times! What a wonderful time. Lots of good conversation and laughter. All in all, a very nice way to spend three days. More on all that later.

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  1. Megan Farkas

    Maria, congratulations! It was great to see our names together.

    • Maria

      Hi Megan! I saw your quilt at the show. They had it near the end of the row so it could be seen nicely. I enjoyed seeing it again 🙂