Product Review: Grifiti Nootle

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I’m excited about the new piece of equipment that I got just today.

It started on Sunday when, out of the blue, an idea popped into my mind. For six months I’ve been hooking my iPad up to my digital projector so I could show PowerPoint presentations to quilt guilds (using Keynote). On Sunday I suddenly wondered if I could use the camera feature built into the iPad and project whatever the camera was pointed at.

As soon as I could, I pulled out my digital projector, hooked up my iPad and was absolutely thrilled that, YES!, the camera DOES project through the projector. I am thinking this will be perfect for doing demos during workshops for quilt guilds.

Then sweet hubby and I started thinking about how we could attach the iPad to a tripod. After a few minutes of throwing ideas back and forth, I went to Google and found the Nootle by Grifiti. Yeah! Someone already designed exactly what I needed.

The Nootle iPad 2 & 3 Tripod Mount is a case that the iPad snuggly fits into, and it has a plate underneath that attaches to any tripod. In the picture above, the case is black and my iPad is white, so you can see that it complete encases the iPad so it is secure, but it still has openings for the camera and the video hookup.

Below, you can see how I tested it out. I placed my iPad so the camera was pointed directly downward onto the table. That way it will capture anything I am writing or drawing and project it onto the screen.

Can’t wait to try it out in the workshops I’ll be teaching at the NQA show this week!

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  1. marcia

    Brilliant and thanks for sharing, can’t wait to try it out too! Do you mind sharing what projector? I teach beadwork and this would be really excellent.

    • Maria

      I bought a reconditioned Epson PowerLite S5 several years ago, and I’ve been very happy with its performance.