Happy father’s day and thank you

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Daddy and girlsThis is one of my favorite pictures of my sweet hubby with our girls when they were little. It was one of their favorite games. Thank you, sweet husband, for being such a good father. Thank you for purposefully being a different father than yours was. Thank you for loving Jesus and for being soft in His hands.

I’m also thankful for my own dad. He is 82, and suffering from dementia, but he is still as cheerful as ever. On June 5, he fell and broke his leg. The break was at the top of the femur near the hip joint. On June 6, they did surgery on him and inserted a rod the full length of his femur. His recovery is complicated by the dementia, but I was thrilled to hear that yesterday, the physical therapist had him up walking, and he walked 50 feet! Amazing! I am so thankful for my brother and his wife and his daughter for spending so much time helping him recover. Thank you SO MUCH, Michael, Karen, and Alyse!

  1. SimplySusan

    Thanks, Maria, for sharing your lives with us. I can totally see why that one of Dave and the girls is one of your favories. Thanks, Dave, for your input in that little curly headed girl you have in your hand. Our family is reaping the benefits and always will.