June Free-Motion Quilting Challenge

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June’s special guest teacher for the 2012 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge through SewCalGal was Cindy Needham. She does such beautiful work. This month she encouraged us to do a sampler of sorts. She wanted us to experiment with “The Basic Three” – a repetitive line, a circle, and an S-curve. She advised us to spend some time sketching to explore various options. Nice idea, but no time for that for me since I had a limited amount of time to do this before the month was gone. Improvisation would have to do.

I jumped into it this morning, and after many interruptions and delays, I finally finished it at 9:30 PM! Sigh of relief… Not too pleased with the results. Cindy suggested using a high contrast thread so we could see our stitches better. Hahaha! That also shows all the mistakes better, too!

Well, enough is enough. Maybe next month I won’t procrastinate so much. On to the next thing.

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  1. susan schaller

    I saw a posting of her extraordinary work yesterday and think you did an admirable job too! If it had a softer thread contrast you wouldn’t be so critical of the results………….but still it looks great! Loved her patterns.

    • Maria

      Thanks Susan and Angie! Maybe I was mostly annoyed with myself that I waited all month long so I ended up pressured at the last minute. I’ll try to do better in July!

  2. Sue DeSantis

    I think you did a great job – expecially spur of the moment! You and George must be getting along well!!! I like the little bubbles that show up in your curvy lines in the mid-right hand section. They were a little surprise tucked in!

    It’s a good confidence builder to know that you can pull something together on short notice even though you’d rather have the time to plan it out.