Nancy Crow workshop: lines and curves, days 3, 4 and 5

We spent the better part of three days on our final, big project. We each made sixteen 20″ square quarter circles, which will eventually come together as an 80″ by 80″ quilt. Basically, we were supposed to take everything we learned and we could do anything we wanted with all that. She wanted us to be bold, creative, and imaginative. It’s funny how hard that really is!

I started by blocking out the basic figure-ground colors that I would use for the sixteen quarter circles. That, in itself, was rather difficult.

I started out with all of my brightest, boldest colors. But then I re-read the instructions about using neutrals, so I tried replacing some of the colors with neutrals. I didn’t like it. Next I replaced all of the colors with just neutrals. I didn’t like it. Then I started inserting some vivid blues, greens, and purples. I finally decided that I just needed to quit obsessing and get started.

I spent quite a bit of time just trying to think of a creative approach. I found out that I kept choosing “safe” colors, and the results just looked boring. My sweet neighbors kept encouraging me to insert some brights and also to pay attention to values. If nothing else, I think I did learn that lesson! What a difference it made when I was more careful with my color choices.

Not surprisingly, I didn’t finish. I did get half of the sections stitched together. Basically the bottom six on the right side of the composition are sewn together. Also the one on the top with the pink and yellow lines is complete, and the green and yellow one below it is done, although I think I will still modify that one a bit.

I really enjoyed this assignment, and I think it is a good basic format for exploring all kinds of things. Most of all, I realized how much more I would like to learn about colors and how they interact. I really need to just focus on that for a while until I’ve absorbed it and can do it more intuitively.

4 Responses

  1. Judy

    I’ve enjoyed your comments on your Nancy Crow workshops. It sounds like a marvelous experience and I’m envious. Must look into taking it myself, or at least reading more about Nancy’s work.

    • Maria

      I had wanted to take one of her workshops for years and years, and I certainly wasn’t diappointed in any respect. They were both terrific, and I hope I’ll be able to go again.

  2. Mary

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I know that it will help me as I am off for my first workshop with Nancy on Sunday! I am very impressed with your results. Great Job!