A quilter lives here

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My son-in-law was bored today so he came over to our house looking for something to do. No problem! Sweet hubby was already more than half way through installing a new sink in our kitchen, and SIL jumped in to help. My previous sink was an inexpensive fiberglass one that had become very badly scratched, and the faucet leaked every time I turned it on. They spent several hours installing a beautiful new cast-iron sink and a new faucet, too. What a blessing. It still needs caulking, but isn’t it beautiful? And, no puddles under the sink and on the counter any more!

Once they were done, SIL had some extra time, so he hung this metal quilt block that I bought back in February. (Things don’t get done quickly around here.) I got it from Classic Metal Company. They have ten different quilt blocks to choose from, and I picked “Sister’s Choice.” I explained that I wanted to install it on brick, and they even painted it a custom color at no extra charge. I really appreciate their good customer service!

Finally! Proof that a quilter lives here.

(Okay, you can also tell that I prefer quilting to pulling weeds or painting benches! Ah, well. One must have priorities.)