Champaign Quilter’s Guild

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Sweet hubby and I had a wonderful time this morning with the Champaign Quilter’s Guild in Urbana, Ohio. Thank you, everyone, for the warm welcome!

I love doing trunk shows. I encourage people to ask questions when they think of them, even if I’m in the middle of my presentation. I love to create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. I also like to try to make everyone laugh by telling them funny stories about the silly mistakes I’ve made. No, I definitely AM NOT perfect! Today someone asked me how I got good at machine quilting, and I told them it was simply lots and lots of practice, mostly on baby quilts that I gave away and never had to see again 😉

If you’ve noticed that I’ve been fairly quiet lately, it’s because we’ve been trying to get a lot of wedding-related stuff done early. I’d like to have most everything (other than the food) purchased, organized, printed, cut out, modified, made and, in every other way, finished before the end of August. It’s good to have goals, right? So far we have prepared utensils wrapped in napkins and tied with a pretty piece of lace, we’ve wrapped up favors, printed individual sheets for guest book pages, printed various tags and seals, made table numbers, and started organizing things into separate Ziploc bags for each table. Later today I hope to tackle the invitations. Yes, we are a do-it-yourself family. We think it’s loads more fun, even if it’s a big time investment, and doesn’t hurt that it’s usually less expensive. That just means we can do more.

I even got out my Cricut machine for the first time! I bought it for myself for Christmas in 2009 (it was a really good sale at the time), and I openly confess that this is the very first time I ever used it. Boy, is it fun to use! I cut out circles and numbers and hundreds of tags out of cardstock. I’ll likely make various signs and who knows what else. I only have the basic cartridge that it came with, but I think I’ve already gotten my money’s worth.

  1. susan schaller

    I love the Cricut idea. I bought the Accuquilt version and the dies for deer, trees, leaves, flowers, etc. It is great for fabrics and I’ve used it exclusively for that. Ordered from Patsy Thompson who uses dies extensively. I think doing Christmas cards would be a great idea too. The wedding will be wonderfully personalized!