Disassembling FMIL’s dress

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I started disassembling DD#1’s future mother-in-law’s (FMIL, for short) dress today. She had such a beautiful dress, and I am so thrilled she wanted us to include portions of it.

I want to make the very best use of it with as little waste as possible, so I started by removing the lace at the waistline so I could separate the bodice from the skirt. Then I started to carefully remove the lovely, heavy lace motifs that were on the bodice. I was able to retrieve all of this lace just from the bodice: lace from waistline, two pieces of lace from sleeves, two large motifs, six smaller motifs, and 26 linen-covered buttons. Here is a close up of one of them.

Beautiful, isn’t it? It will be fun to figure out how to use the various pieces to the best advantage.

I’m hoping the piece from the waistline of FMIL’s dress will fit the waistline of my dress. I was MUCH thinner then, after all! It would never fit my waistline now.

Maybe the pieces from the sleeves will also be able to be used on the new sleeves.

And I think some of the motifs will be placed on the yoke of my dress at the edge of the ruffle. I also plan to use the buttons. The ones that were on my dress were actually from my mother’s dress, but they are so old that they rusted.

Should work beautifully!

3 Responses

  1. susan schaller

    Be hard to find those laces now! Looks like tiny lilies-of-the-valley on some pieces. Another work of love by you……………. Happy 4th!

  2. SimplySusan

    So excited. I just love to watch the process. The lace looks like new and I really never did a thing to it except move it 27 times!

  3. BJ

    What lovely pieces and such a treasure that the dress will have parts of both yours and FMIL’s in it. It is going to be such a lovely and meaningful wedding!