Poor RV

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Poor sweet hubby! The wind gusts that came through our town about 6 PM tonight blew the roof off his RV. It pulled up the roof for the entire length of the RV on the driver’s side, and it was standing up when we came out of the house. It also tore in half crosswise because the wind wasn’t strong enough to pull up the air conditioner. Sweet hubby and future SIL climbed up on top, wrestled the roof down, and put boards and cinder blocks on top to hold it down. (Too bad I didn’t have my camera when the wind had it on end!)

It had been sweet hubby’s dream to have an RV for as long as we’ve been married, so he was beside himself for joy when my father wanted to give away his RV back in 2006. We are hopeful the roof on this RV can be repaired.

A wind gust also pulled the roof off the shed. Fortunately it is a Rubbermaid snap-together type of shed, so they were able to put it back together, other that just one smaller piece which apparently blew away to parts unknown.

Thankfully, there was no damage to our home or our church, which is directly across the street, and we didn’t lose electricity like some of our friends did. We have nothing at all to complain about when you consider what some in Colorado are going through right now. Such a minor thing for us, really.

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  1. SimplySusan

    Always warms a mother’s heart to see her son, if only in a picture. Sorry about the wind. We in KS know all about wind!

  2. Larry

    Glad future SIL could could just stand there!