Bridesmaid dress #2

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Bridesmaid dress #2 is on its way! One more to go. I will be adding straps to them, and I still need to run to the store to get zippers, but it feels good to have this much done in such a short time. (I guess it helps that I didn’t give them a choice — that way I could pick a really easy pattern!)

I like that each dress will be a little different. This one is for DD#2, who is the matron of honor. She wanted the skirt pleated instead of gathered. The lace tablecloth she chose has a bit of shine, too, but the burgundy fabric stays the same for all three dresses.

6 Responses

  1. SimplySusan

    LOVE the pleats. So much better than the bulkiness the gathers give. You’re amazing!

    • Maria

      Remember, the gathers will lay flatter once I give the dress a good pressing. But, the first dress still could be changed if BP wants. Easy enough to un-do one seam and resew.

      • SimplySusan

        Maria, I’d never want or expect you to redo it. It will be just fine gathered. I’m probably the only one to notice it didn’t have pleats.

      • Maria

        Okay. It never occured to me to pleat it! That was completely spur of the moment on the part of DD#2.