Yikes! What am I going to wear?

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Time for a report from wedding central.

Bride: bridal gown is ready to go, but DD#1 has requested a few more minor modifications, if time allows

Bridesmaids: two of the three bridesmaids dresses are complete and the last one just needs a zipper

Groom: vest just needs buttons and buttonholes

Groomsmen: three burgundy bow ties complete

Father of the bride: clothes ready to go

Mother of the bride: Oh, dear! What am I going to wear?

I hate clothes shopping — nothing fits right.

I dislike formal clothes — they’re usually sweaty polyester.

I don’t like dresses — they make me feel like I have no pants on.

I told everyone long ago that I was wearing pants to the wedding. So the lower half is taken care of. It’s the upper half that’s the problem. I was hoping to lose more weight. Instead, I gained weight over the last two months. Might be understandable, but I still need to choose something to wear, and extra weight makes it even harder.

After searching for something for the last few months, I was feeling rather rebellious this afternoon. Okay, annoyed and cranky. I decided, if the bridesmaids are going to wear curtains and tablecloths, then I am, too. How about that?

Out came the scissors. Out came a tablecloth that had a pretty scalloped edge. (I had planned to use it elsewhere at the wedding, so now I’ll have to find a different tablecloth for that location.)

Anyway, here it is. (Of course, when I took the photo I tucked the jacket in at the waist so it looks smaller than it actually is!)

I plan on wearing it with simple black slacks and a burgundy shirt.

Mother of the bride: Clothes ready to go

14 Responses

  1. DD#2

    OH MY GOODNESS! I LOVE IT! Seriously need to learn how to sew… I want one… you are amazing. I know we weren’t going to make clothes for the wedding since we made everything else, but this rocks! LOVE YOU!


  2. Joy

    *GASP* that was my tablecloth!!!

    I love how you are sooo creative and repurposing things! You need to write an e-book and publish it!!

  3. Margaret

    What a beautiful job you’ve done! Not just this, but EVERYTHING is absolutely gorgeous. Creativity oozes out your pores. You simply must consider writing a book of wedding ideas when this is over. I’d like a signed first edition please. May God bless you daughter and her soon-to-be husband in their new life together.

  4. Linda H

    OOohhh how inspirational. You are going to look fabulous.(so will everyone else)

  5. SimplySusan

    Oops! The mother-of-the-groom missed the memo announcing ‘lace only’.

    • Maria

      I think you mean tablecloths only 😉 and more are only a thrift store away. Truthfully, I just didn’t want to be the only one wearing lavender!

      • SimplySusan

        So now I’m the only one wearing some lavendar. LOL

      • Maria

        At least yours is burgundy, too, right? Or, I can wear this with the lavender shirt I had already picked out. Maybe I should do that and then I’d look less like a bridesmaid.

  6. Sharon Driver

    Oh I do second that idea of writing a book! I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Your lace jacket is superb – what a wonderful idea.
    Now…a nice long rest after the wedding takes place. That does sound marvelous…..