Horizontal or vertical?

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Here’s your chance to give your opinion on an earth-shattering decision: should the columns of color run horizontally (on the left) or vertically (on the right)? Once I decide, I plan on finishing this off tomorrow morning.

24 Responses

  1. Carol Ann

    I have no substatntial reason for why, but I think horizontal looks better.

  2. shari

    Horizontal is my vote. Called over Ryan, a 4 year old and he voted horizontal too.

  3. Mary

    My DH just cancelled me by voting horizontal. I guess you are on your own!

  4. Maria

    Horizontal, Maria! In this version your wonderful red-blue, green-yellow-red, etc lines look straight even if the curtain is gathered. Also I really like the darker stripes at the top and the bottom! Very beautiful!!!

  5. Lynette

    It is terrific either way. Another thing to consider – does it help the room any either direction? Does the vertical give the room welcome height? Or is it happier getting the lengthening boost to the space?

  6. Lori s

    Horizontal. Seems more unexpected and interesting, maybe more modern? Can’t wait to see the final result.

  7. Laura

    Horizontal. And then my second vote is that you make me one! : )

  8. Ann Wiseman

    Horizontal. The strips still give it a vertical dimension. And I have a degree in Fine Art, so my vote counts more. … or not. : )