Pinwheel variation #1

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pinwheels-26I’ve been sewing the jelly roll pinwheel blocks bit by bit the last few days. Since I wanted to use up all my leftover Moda marble strips, I ended up with 78 blocks. I decided to separate the dark pinwheels from the light pinwheels and make two smaller baby quilts. I’ll still put a border on it, but here’s the first one. No step-by-steps today. Just the photo. If I have the time, maybe I’ll work on the second one tomorrow.

It’s always interesting to see how colors interact with each other. For instance, the bright green pinwheel is paired with a pale blue background, but visually they completely merge together. The values simply are not far enough apart. If this were an important quilt, I might be tempted to fix it, but this is just a throw-together quilt so I’m fine with it as it is. My goal for this quilt was to use up what was on hand, which I did, but it’s a really good illustration of how important it is to carefully audition colors before committing to them.

Another interesting thing to note is that, even though the yellow is extremely bright and fairly dark for a yellow, it still isn’t dark enough to be significantly different from a pastel pink or lavender.

No matter. Even with the “flaws” I’m sure some sweet baby will like it well enough.