Review of 2012

Here’s my review of 2012 (DD#2’s idea), but I’m going to start a few months earlier because I especially like those events. 🙂

So, in addition to speaking and teaching at fifteen quilt guilds in less than two years, writing twelve articles for Quilting Arts during that same time, and making three trips to California to visit my dad, here is my life for the last eighteen months in pictures.

We’re looking forward to an uneventful 2013.

5 Responses

  1. Beth H

    Thank you so much for this beautiful post. It is wonderful to see how you turn life’s events into beautiful works of art. My year has had some major challenges, nothing like yours. But I need to look at those events in a different light. Happy New Year.

  2. Kristin McNamara Freeman

    Thank you for sharing the pieces of the journey you traveled this past year. My heart space opened wide and deeply felt the story of family, love, faith and you, with a bit of artist creating stirred into the dough. Appreciation for all you shared.
    May 2013 have, perhaps, fewer highlights….and continue to blossom with the deep love of a wonderful woman and her family.

  3. Dorothy

    What a year of ups and downs. Thank you for sharing your memories.